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Here is the text only:

Since you are here, I assume that you already know what expired tumblr blogs are and what they are used for.

So. The service is pretty straight forward.

Here is what you get:
– blogposts on 50 different tumblr blog
– drip feed from 1 to 50 days
– unique articles
– 1 link/post

Average metrics for this network:
– average PA+35
– average MozRank +3.5
– average backlinks +500
– some have TF as well

Here are more facts about this service:
More than half of the blogs have their own social media/bookmarking /blog/ account, where new posts are shared. Some of the social media accounts are facebook profiles and pages, expired twitter accounts and pinterest profiles. Some of the blogs are wordpress blogs and expired weebly blogs.

Myths about expired tumblrs:
1) They don’t work
This is controversial because there are a bunch of factors to consider when it comes to seo.

These links aren’t enough to move medium-hard keywords, especially when on-page is bad or there are problems with over optimization.

What are these best used for?
As long as your on-page is right on and your keywords are easy, these links can increase your rankings. Just use the drip feed feature and use a bunch of different anchors.

For medium-hard keywords, these type of links can be used as a starting foundation or for diversity. However don’t expect miracles. I am not bullshitting you, so please don’t bullshit yourself expecting the world from these links.

* About the effectiveness of these service, you can read bellow the reviews from the recent case study I made on ranking with tumblr links. And you can read forward on this subject, as there are plenty of case studies online on this.

2) Too many links from one source are not natural.
If this would be true, people would stop sharing their websites, not only on tumblr, but on facebook, twitter and pinterest as well.

When a link gets viral it can get thousands of backlinks from one source, no matter if we look at platforms like tumblr or pinterest.

How many urls and keywords can I use?
You can use 1 url and up to 50 keywords.

Non English keywords accepted?
Yes. Content will be in English.

How is the content?
Content is software generated and edited manually a bit. It will vary from 200-700 words, along with a related image.

Are casino, pharma or adult accepted?
Yes. I have a separate network for each one of those. Contact me before placing your order.

Do you guarantee rank improvement?

What is the refund policy?
I will refund you if I fail to deliver the service.


i was targeting mainly 2 keywords from which one of jumped from 34th position to 24 and for 2nd keyword it jumped from 29th to 23rd position. In meantime i was not building any links for that page. i have not tracked other longtails keywords with low searches but i am seeing that organic keywords also increased. So, it really effected rankings of main keywords & other lsi keywords.

I supplied Stan with 10 URLS in total and 16 keywords to focus on, drip feeding over 25 days.
The domain was a clean, expired domain.
It was ranking for 4 keywords, positions 35-50, through content alone prior to this testing phase starting.

I sent in weekly screeshots showing improvements for this site, there was zero other work done except a social signals package bought before this test started.
After a week, there were 19 keywords, and that seemed to be the rate of increase.This was good as it wasn’t a crazy leap in a short timepsan.

As of today there are 101 keywords ranking, best position is number 18.

There’s been no other off page done to this site, so what I would say is this is a powerful and solid service to bed in a new site prior to going for PBN links.

I’m just waiting now for this service to open!

I received a review copy of this service. I gave 1 URL and 4 keywords.

I have not done any work on this site for a good few months prior to submitting the details, and zero work on the actual URL that I submitted. Since work started I have not done any other SEO work on-page or off-page to the site either. Just wanted to make it easy to gauge effectiveness.

I submitted details 4th October. Drip-feed was finished by 27th November and I figure today is a good day to update this thread with progress – Although I guess effects could still be showing over the next 2-3 weeks as well.

Anyway, so far improvements are as follows –

Main KW1 – #169 – #104 (1700 searches/month)
KW2 – #58 – #67
KW3 – #79 – #55
KW4 – #93 – #61

In addition to the improvement, lots of longtails have showed up in the top 100 for this page. At the start of the work, the only keywords ranking in top 100 were the 3 keywords above.

By 1st November there were 16 longtails showing up, by 27th november there were 37 longtails showing up and today there are 42 longtails in top 100. Best position is #23.

My overall verdict – this definitely works and it works pretty well. As @MisterF said, combing this with some strong PBN links and also fine-tuning on-page would work really well.

I am also looking forward to this service being launched and I will definitely be a buyer.

PS, thanks @mindmaster for all the hard work 🙂

50 blogposts on tumblrs with:
– average PA +35
– average MozRank +3.5
– average backlinks +500

regular price $35
discount price $25

order here